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Project Manager & Analyst Manager


Hello, I am a project manager and business analyst manager for a cooperative of more than 1,300 independent pharmacies throughout the US. I also run the Jira Helper website where I write about Agile, project management, and all of Atlassian’s other products.

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    Jerry Voelker
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    Design, BI, Jira, Writing, Photography
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    I built Dolly Parton's entertainment center

I love challenges and learning new things. There’s nothing like the feeling of solving a difficult problem or building something. I went to college for more than 12 years and earned several degrees, including masters degrees in Project Management and Information Systems Management as well as bachelors degrees in Computer Science, Technical Management, and Finance. I was also an Adjunct Professor for a year teaching functional programming.

I’m an Adobe Certified Expert and like to spend my free time either designing and building websites and marketing materials or going out with my camera taking pictures..




Project Management

I love project management – this is what I do for a living and I spend time outside of work teaching others what I have learned. You can follow along at Jira Helper.

Web Design

I’ve built over 60 websites for businesses and individuals and can help you get discovered. I’ve implemented push notifications and geofencing for coupons to take businesses into the future.


I’ve designed marketing materials that help businesses get results by combining the latest in strategy and tactics with the latest in design to help you communicate with your customers.


I’m obsessed with SEO and monitor this constantly. Using best practices (nothing shady), I can get your page discovered within your community. I also provide clients with monthly reports on their performance.


Project Manager/Business Analyst Manager - CPA

2013 to present

I implemented Agile and serve as the Scrum Master. I am the product designer and write all requirements. I perform all testing and QA activities for our website and mobile application. I create SSRS reports and stored procedures and build BI dashboards for management in Power BI/SSRS/Excel. I also created the company website as well as some marketing emails and campaigns.

PTS Analyst - Menards

2008 - 2013

I created project documentation to ensure adherence to the Menards Project Management Methodology. I created templates to improve efficiency for corporate personnel that saved $20,000/yr in labor expenses. I created a mathematical model that improved financial forecasting accuracy from 10% to 2.5% variance that saved over $4 million/yr in payroll expenses. I developed a program to track and monitor vacations for store-level management that automatically checked for policy violations saving over 300 hrs/wk in labor and more than $175,000/yr in operating expenses.

Technical Specialist - Office Max

2007 - 2009

I solved computer hardware and software issues for store personnel and customers (Windows/Max/Linux, smartphones, printers/scanners, cameras, POS terminals). I managed and maintained store computers, POS terminals, servers, and printers. I managed store inventory. I was in the top 3 in sales for the store and won commendations from Office Max (Best Example in Service Technology – B.E.S.T) four times.



Keller Graduate School of Management - Master of Project Management


I graduated with distinction. My education continued to emphasize PMI’s programs and guidelines for PMP certification. I worked as an assistant project manager on a terrific project setting up an electronic health records system at a large regional hospital.

Keller Graduate School of Management - Master of Information Systems Management


I graduated with distinction. I continued my learning of systems architecture and began to focus and specialize in project management (minor). I steered my education towards the health information sector during this time.

DeVry - Bachelor of Science Technical Management


I graduated with distinction. I learned a great deal about systems architecture and systems administration. I became very familiar with Microsoft’s server stack (Windows, SQL, Project, SharePoint, IIS, and Exchange).

DeVry - Bachelor of Science Computer Science


I graduated with distinction. During the economic calamities of the housing crisis, I pursued a degree related to my passion for computers. I was fortunate enough to learn from the leading functional programmers in the world at the start of the functional programming movement.

UW-Eau Claire


I graduated with honors. I really love economics and I loved my managerial accounting classes. I was able to learn a great deal about asset management and excelled in investment portfolio management.



Project Management Skills

I have extensive experience with all stages of project development. I currently manage projects of all sizes using the Agile methodology. I meet with stakeholders to determine their needs and wants and then draft the user stories and requirements. I typically build functional mockups as well for our developers. I love Atlassian’s products and we use Confluence and Jira Software extensively in order to improve our operations and documentation as well as reduce everyone’s workload.  I monitor active projects and work with C-level management to make sure that our project pipeline is aligned to the overall goals of the company.

Business Analyst Skills

I gather requirements and write BDD/unit tests for our projects and am responsible for ensuring that they pass QA. I’ve worked with our Senior SQL Developer to design and implement the cube we use to power our internal reporting for senior management. I write queries and stored procedures to build reports (SSRS) and run predictive analytics on several key metrics (generic drug pricing/supply issues, pharmacy sales) using Azure Machine Learning. I build dashboards for management using Power BI, Excel, and SSRS.

I have also created advanced mathematical models that forecasted sales by the hour across hundreds of stores in thirteen different departments. I must admit that this was my proudest accomplishment as an analyst because of the amount of work involved, the complexity of the problem, and how successful it was in the end – it saved millions of dollars in payroll each year and provided better customer service at each store.

Other Skills

I also serve as our organization’s Salesforce Administrator and am branching into Salesforce development. I enjoy making things and spend time at home working on website design and marketing materials in order to help our company grow.

I build websites outside of work and enjoy doing everything that I can to ensure that they are successful. I work to exceed expectations and like to include things the client doesn’t expect such as push notifications or the use of geofencing to provide potential customers with coupons. I know how important SEO is, so I work to ensure that the websites I build are not only modern and mobile responsive but are easily found on search engines.

I’m both a leader and a manager. I can communicate a common vision to stakeholders and motivate the team to accomplish our goals. I am results-driven and focused on ensuring that the work done is aligned with the goals and requirements of the project. I excel at problem-solving and love coming up with different solutions to difficult problems. I am a detail-oriented person with a Type-A personality. I’m very organized and love to plan out details. I take great pride in my work and am a workaholic as I want all of my work to represent the best work that I am capable of producing.


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